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If you find you are constantly:

  • feeling overwhelmed or sick with worry
  • anxious, stressed,
  • frustrated, irritable, angry
  • wearing yourself out with worry and overthinking
  • dwelling on mistakes and failures
  • worrying about what other people might think
  • highly critical of yourself and/or others – caught up in the blame game
  • or just downright fearful

...then your resilience is probably quite low, and this week of discovery is for you!

You may find you are lurching from one negative or unhelpful thought or situation to another: feeling bad about yourself or others; assuming that the worst will happen - fortune telling and catastrophising about it!

You may also find that when you are in this frame of mind and feeling a bit low, you find it very hard to cope: it can be scary right?

What you need to know is that our thoughts impact our feelings, and our feelings impact our behaviour and actions.

But it’s difficult to get out of a ‘funk’ when you are in the middle of it (your resilience is already lowered).

So you panic, you get upset, you pick arguments with others, or your beat yourself up for being less than perfect: not doing better. Of that make things everything even worse! You might feel bad about that too.

Basically you are caught in a vicious circle – creating more stress and pressure in your life: that lowers your resilience even further.

The more stressed you get, the lower you resilience gets, and the lower your resilience gets the more stressed you feel. You feel negatively about yourself, and sometimes others and the world.

Resilience strategies and tools can help to break that cycle.  

There are a whole set of tools and strategies that can help you manage the pressures and tensions in life – so you either don’t hit those high stress points and lowered resilience, and/or you bounce back faster into a more resourceful state.

The trouble is, sadly, it is not something we are taught in schools, or when are growing up as children and young adults (unless we have very resilient role models around us).

So, on this 5 Day Resilience to Resilience Programme, you are going to equip yourself better, to face the day to day challenges of life and get some of the basics you need to thrive. 

On this 5 Days Resilience Building  Programme,  you have what you need to recognise when you are in danger of falling into that ‘ vicious cycle’, and some great resources to manage yourself out of it, so that you move FROM STRESS TO RESILIENCE!


Imagine being able to:

  • cope with, and bounce back from, stressful and distressing situations
  • manage difficult times in your personal and professional life without becoming overwhelmed and potentially unwell
  • manage the day to day anxieties that prevent you from being at your best
  • manage change and transitions – both personal and professional
  • cope with loss, isolation or separation from friends, family and loved ones
  • challenge those self-sabotaging thoughts that steal you from your dreams
  • build the energy, strength and courage to overcome challenges, and achieve the end results you want from a project, a job, a relationship, and your life!

In 5 Days to Resilience, you will:

  • assess your current level of resilience and what you need to do to build it
  • learn new techniques each day to add to your personal resilience toolbox
  • explore, and learn coping strategies to support and maintain your resilience: replacing the ‘go to’ behaviours that don’t serve you
  • gain new skills ‘literally’ at your fingertips to help you help yourself
  • build a resilience plan to work with moving forward

Here is some of the feedback previous course participants have shared about their experience of working on my resilience programmes.

Whilst this is a self-study programme. There will be an opportunity to join one of my online coaching communities to receive support if you want to continue your journey beyond this introductory programme.

Nike Lawal’s Resilience MasterMind programme is more than fantastic and an incredible way to learn and develop yourself, as well as focusing on your general  wellbeing. The group environment might seem daunting before you start but it is actually fundamental to get the most out of the programme. 

The extremely supportive and caring environment will help develop your resilience more than you could hope for. Nike’s programme definitely teaches you to be a master of your mind.

K H, Maidstone UK

The Resilience Master Mind programme is designed to help build and recognise our own resilience in the face of adversity and everyday challenges. 

Through 12 structured weekly modules, practical worksheets and a fundamental online support network, I have been able to reflect on my values in life, identify my strengths and learn the importance of self-acceptance and, fundamentally, self-compassion. 

The close-knit community which as been established thanks to this programme and Nike’s constant guidance and expertise has provided a life-changing experience with positive outcomes on my resilience. 

C O, Paris - France

There is of course only so much we can achieve in 5 days but we are going to achieve a lot! At the end of the programme you will be given a unique and affordable opportunity to work with me for an extended period, to build on the great foundations you've laid down. 

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