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  • Do you beat yourself up for being less than perfect?
  • Do you find yourself behaving like there is the threat or danger around the corner?
  • Do you fear being challenged,  judged, or criticised when things don’t go to plan?
  • Do you worry about what others think of  you and may be even limit yourself because of this?
  • Do you find yourself being critical and frustrated with yourself or other people, blaming yourself and others?
  • Do you overthink everything and end up awake half the night doing just that: starting the day feeling exhausted as a result?
  • You feel so powerless to change and achieve the outcomes you want that you sometimes wish you could just press the ‘reset’ button on your life?

Sometimes you think about jacking it all in ”at work” or ”in a relationship”... or even both!

You just want to run, and hide: find some way of living a more simple life; where no one knows you and nobody expects anything of you. But you know you can’t escape from the most significant person in all of this: YOU and what’s in your head!

You try to stay positive but some days are impossible: it is just overwhelming.

You feel torn between a need to ‘achieve’, to be what and how you think others expect you to be; versus getting what YOU want!

It can be a struggle to separate out what you want for you (in other words, your definition of success), and what you consider others expect of you (how you think others define success).

....and some days you just feel like “things” (YOU) are spiralling out of control.

Welcome to the Thrive Master Mind Programme

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Shape Your Outer World By Managing Your Inner World

In this six-week online programme you will build the focus, confidence and mindset to start getting what you want out of life. 

  • Learn how to manage your inner world so you can navigate your outer world more effectively;
  • Learn how to manage those exhausting unhelpful patterns of mind that ultimately sabotage you: allowing you to ‘respond’ in new ways rather than ‘react’ in survival mode;
  • Learn to manage your thoughts and emotions with self-compassion so they do not control and sabotage you;
  • Take control of how you feel about yourself and what you do, by focusing on your strengths and successes as opposed to your mistakes and failures;
  • Stop being the victim to judgmental thinking, whether the judgment is about yourself or others;
  • Ditch the time wasting, energy sapping, ‘what ifs’, and develop a more problem solving, solution focussed mind-set;
  • Support and encourage yourself when things are not going well: be your own cheerleader, and treat yourself with compassion, as opposed to being that internal bully;
  • Learn to focus on what you can influence, accept what you can’t change, adjust and move forward in the face of challenges;
  • Start to have more productive and assertive discussions that build rapport and strengthen relationships;
  • Build a stronger personal network to support you in times of change and when things are challenging;
  • Stop overthinking and build the ability to notice, acknowledge and appreciate the positive experiences - to create balance.
  • Learn to look to yourself at yourself through a different lens; to really get to know, like and trust yourself through a process of gentle and compassionate self-inquiry.

Here’s what people are saying about working with me:

Wendy Atkins, Kent  

I'm taking part in Nike Lawal's Resilience Master Mind programme, and can honestly say it is a life-changer. I'm not yet the 'finished article', but I'm not sure any of us are really. However, Niki has talked me through the issues I  face in the group, looked at the beginnings of those issues and helped me realise how they have affected who I am today. 

Most importantly, Nike is helping to 'tool me up' with the ability to recognise when old hurts are affecting me and adjust my thinking to avoid continuing the cycle of negative behaviours. Not only that, Nike has managed to adapt and move with an unprecedented global catastophy, in order to help reinforce the group's learning over recent weeks and help me to feel strong at a time when so many people are feeling, understandably, anxious.

The format of the classes works perfectly for our modern world, mixing communication via a closed social media group, worksheets supplied and discussed during weekly on-line conference calls. She even offers one to one support if we reach a sticky point. 

Hand on heart, it's a game-changer and Nike is first class. Within the group, I feel I've made friends for life both near and far.

Jo Killigallon, Chesire

I have been on an incredible journey with 7 other amazing people over the last 10 weeks and it is all thanks to Nike Lawal. Being a participant in her Resilience Master Mind programme has enabled me to face some demons from my past which inhibited me being the best version of myself - as a wife, mother and business person!

I have learnt so much from her, and the other amazing participants and whilst it may sound a bit over the top - it has been life changing! I now believe in myself in a way that I hadn't been able to do before, am calmer and more able to deal with my emotions, see strengths in myself that I had never before been able to recognise, but more importantly have been able to face this crazy situation with corona-virus with relative calm and have been able to hold myself and my family together, when I have seen others around me crumble. I would not hesitate to recommend Nike to anyone who feels like their mental strength or resilience could do with a boost, or who knows that there are aspects of their past which maybe having a negative influence on their current or future life.

If anything is going to help you through this challenging time, or any challenging time you have in your life, having resilience, strength of mind and a fantastic network around you this is one thing you should do. Sure, money maybe a worry for everyone right now but an investment in your mental well being and having the ability to deal with whatever life throws at you is an investment worth making.

D Finn, Kent

As we near the end of the Resilience Master Mind course I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed the course and how much I feel I have gained from taking part in this and the 1 week challenge course that we took part in prior to this.

The 1 Week Challenge Course opened my mind as to how we could change our way of thinking to enable us to grasp life and move forward rather than being bogged down and the Resilience Master Mind has really taken me on a journey and given me the tools to actually live life, to become more resilient and not just to let life happen to me. I was existing with the fog of anxiety and worry of the pat and future clouding my mind and now I am living in a more present enjoyable way. I have been set goals, set myself goals and feel sure I will achieve them all.

The best part is your support and that of the other lovely, amazing people I have met on the course and I really look forward to the Zoom calls every week. We have all agreed to continue to support each other once the course is over and continue the calls, that is the wonderful thing, although many of us have not met each other we feel like friends.

You, Niki have given us the tools to live life how we want, it is great to see the way everyone has grown and blossomed under your guidance. I cannot recommend this highly enough, I cannot imagine who the course would not help in some way.

Thank you so much.

B Akester, Kent

I found Nike...

I knew I wanted to open my eyes and hear and learn about myself: I just didn't know how or where to look.

Joining Nike and her Resilience Master Mind group enabled me to work on me in the safety and comfort of my home, which in turn helped me to be open and honest and fully engage in our group sessions.

I am not computer tech so this has taken me onto a path of learning in other ways too. Resilience Master Mind is one of the most profound experiences.

I feel that i am part of a unique experience with my newfound friends. We have a bond that only comes with honesty, integrity, learning, and truth.

Nike is an extraordinary teacher, she knows exactly when to step up and lead and when to step back and let us learn and lean on each other. 
From the depths of my heart this has been lifechanging and ongoing.

K H, Maidstone UK

Nike Lawal’s Resilience Master Mind programme is more than fantastic and an incredible way to learn and develop yourself, as well as focusing on your general wellbeing. The group environment might seem daunting before you start but it is actually fundamental to get the most out of the programme.

The extremely supportive and caring environment will help develop your resilience more than you could hope for. Nike’s programme definitely teaches you to be a master of your mind

C O, Paris - France

The Resilience Master Mind programme is designed to help build and recognise our own resilience in the face of adversity and everyday challenges.
Through 12 structured weekly modules, practical worksheets and a fundamental online support network, I have been able to reflect on my values in life, identify my strengths and learn the importance of self-acceptance and, fundamentally, self-compassion.

The close-knit community which as been established thanks to this programme and Nike’s constant guidance and expertise has provided a life-changing experience with positive outcomes on my resilience.

How we'll be working together in this programme

Working in a small supportive group of like-minded people over a period of 6 weeks, you will have:

  • Six live coaching calls to help you come to new realisations and decisions that you follow through on.
  • The opportunity to your need to focus on to get what  you want and learn how to get out of your own way.
  •  Access to weekly training videos tasks.
  • Access to weekly tasks activities and worksheets to help you grow in confidence and assertiveness to go out there and get what you want!
  • Private online group forum for support and accountability 
  • Work out what you want and how to get out of your own way so you get it;. 
  • The opportunity to be part of a strong supportive network to help you on your way after you have completed the programme.


 Best Selling Author

Nike has helped me a great deal. I’ve always had issues with self-esteem and I found that this was holding me back from achieving my full potential in my career. Nike's particular skill is in getting to the roots of the problem quickly, which means that the positive effects of her coaching can begin almost immediately. In my case, I had been struggling to work at all; one Skype coaching session dramatically transformed my way of thinking and gave me the tools I needed to change the way I viewed my past achievements, freeing me to be productive once more. I would highly recommend Nike's coaching to anyone who feels they are not reaching their goals; she is undoubtedly the best coach I have ever worked with.

Alex Brown

Best Selling and Award Winning Author

Nike was highly recommended to me by someone whose judgement I value and trust. Working with Nike has enabled me to feel more fulfilled in my business and personal life. I am more assertive, I have clear goals and the security of knowing that I have Nike's expertise to guide me and hold me accountable for achieving the business and personal outcomes I set for myself.

Paul Brown

Business Owner

I have always viewed myself as 'adaptable' and not much of a planner. When I started to work with Nike, she made me realise that having goals and a plan wasn't in opposition to my worldview but instead, brought a new level of focus on what I want. This realisation, in turn, has enabled me to make progress in all aspects of my life where I never thought it possible!

About Nike Lawal

Nike Lawal is an Accredited Master Coach and Qualified Therapist, who combines significant leadership experience in a range of business sectors, and over 10 years in private practice as a coach, therapist, consultant and trainer.
Nike is passionate about supporting clients to be at their best in all areas of their lives: both personal, and professional.
Nike’s mission: to inspire people to move beyond just surviving to thriving: by making high quality coaching accessible!

Nike Lawal

The Thrive Master Mind is a unique and transformational experience offered at the price of £397 or 3 monthly instalments of  £132.50

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