What does it mean to ‘thrive’?

  • Is it about money and power?

  • Or Health and wellbeing?

  • Happiness, peace, and contentment?

  • Wisdom?

  • A sense of wonder about the beauty of life?

  • The capacity to love, be loved to give and trust?

What does 'thriving' look like for you?

It seems like a very simple question and yet there is often a conflict between what we think we should want and what we actually really want i.e. what we think we should be achieving to be thriving.

So, who were you before the world told you how to be?

  • To what extent are you living the life of your dreams or somebody else’s dream and expectations?
  • To what extent are you striving to live up to somebody else's hopes and expectations, taking on somebody else’s fears and anxieties?
  • Do you have your own dreams or expectations?
  • To what extent can you separate them out from what you were taught to expect?
We have all been programmed: from earlier than we can remember. Programmed to behave in a certain way, to live within certain rules and boundaries, to feel shame, to aspire to achieve certain things.

Some of this programming is helpful, or may have been at some point in our lives. But some of it no longer serves us. And some of it is downright unhelpful!

Too often we react to this programming without questioning it; without challenging it; without considering what we truly want.

We live on autopilot, in a trance: and quite frankly it feels crap!

  • We beat ourselves up for not being perfect at a task at work, in a job and career that we don’t really want to be in, in a company we don’t want to work for.
  • We reduce ourselves to tears for not being the shape and size the media and society convinces us we should be.
  • And we eat too much, drink too much as a reaction to how we feel about our lives....and this makes us feel worse. 
  • We compare ourselves and our lives negatively to the lives of others we don’t really like, want to live like or be like.
  • We tell ourselves we are not enough when we don’t know what ‘enough’ looks like or means to us. But whatever that is, we convince ourselves we are not it.
  • We focus on pleasing others to the detriment of ourselves.
  • We allow our anxieties and fears of rejection to paralyse us and sabotage our relationships, work, businesses – our life experience.

The truth is - most of us are operating in survival mode.

We been taught from a young age that there is a big bad world out there and we’ve been schooled purely in how to survive it.

So it is a big leap to go from a mindset of just surviving to one of thriving.

Thriving is NOT about being good enough for something or someone.

Thriving IS a place where you are happy with yourself, loving yourself, and living life on your terms. And, of course, you have defined those terms and are clear about them.

Thriving IS about living consciously, conscious of your purpose (what is important to you) and living ‘on purpose’.

Thriving Is finding who you really are and living from that place.

And from ‘that’ place, life is so much easier.

That is not to say there won’t be challenges. Just that you will learn to work through them with a more helpful mindset and therefore more ease.

  • A mindset which supports rather than sabotages you.
  • A mindset that helps you to be at your best when you most need to be.

It sounds like a tall order – perhaps it is on your own?

Well, I have something for you...

My Thrive Tribe is a community coming together to develop the capacity to not only bounce forward, but grow regardless of the lemons life throws at us.

But thing is - you don’t have to do it on your own!

My Thrive Tribe provides a space for you to navigate the challenges of life with the support of a vibrant yet nurturing community.

In My Thrive Tribe you will be challenged to define success on your own terms, championed to go get it, and celebrated every time you take steps towards whatever that success is - and for living in alignment with it.

And the truth is you learn a lot from other people – sharing the journey, the challenges, the wins and successes of others can serve to ignite and inspire us.  

Join Thrive Tribe

Joining My Thrive Tribe, you will have access to:

  • An accredited Mastercoach
  • A vibrant, nurturing, and welcoming online community
  • Weekly virtual check-ins
  • Monthly virtual workshops
  • Development exercises and activities
  • A wealth of resources to support your development
  • Meditations
  • Hypnotherapy recordings
  • Reading materials
  • Special offers to new programmes
  • Join My Thrive Tribe to:

    • Be Inspired
    • Gain insights, new ideas, ways of thinking and seeing things
    • Stay focused on your personal growth
    • Take time to reflect and focus on what is important to you at regular intervals
    • Share your knowledge, wisdom and support to help others whilst reinforcing your learning as you grow
    • Feel safe in a community and space we create together

    Here’s what people are saying about working with me:

    Jb, kent

    Niki has an infectious enthusiasm for life and oozes positivity. I can only describe her as a force of empowerment and growth to enable you to be the best version of yourself.

    TC, KENT

    Nike delivers a professional and focussed workshop whilst bringing a wonderful energy to each session.

    Nike’s experience and knowledge, combined with her natural empathy give her the ability to put any group at ease and encourage everyone to participate.

    FJ, London

    Highly recommend Nike’s workshop groups. The coaching she facilitates, her experience, content and delivery is engaging, highly relevant and insightful. I personally have had a few mini breakthroughs as a result of her workshop coaching and met lots of other lovely people!

    What’s really special about the group, is despite the fact each of our challenges may be
    different, we come together to help each other gain clarity on what the issue is and work
    towards a positive/ harmonious outcome. A big thank you and the timing couldn’t be
    more perfect. X

    Jk, cheshire

    Nike is amazing to work with in a group setting. She creates such a safe place for people so that they are able to open up and share their most vulnerable feelings and experiences. In doing so this enables others to realise they are not alone and that they too can share. Everyone learns from each other in addition to the excellent input and powerful questions that Nike is able to ask.

    Cannot recommend working with Nike highly enough.

    AP, KENT

    Being a part of My Thrive Tribe provides a place where I feel I belong and enables
    me to grow as an individual. The experience and knowledge that Nike shares is priceless and she always delivers it in such and engaging way.

    Nike's empathy, openness and honesty offers a safe place for us all to explore our
    own thoughts and feelings with encouragement to engage with each other, supporting each other and always walking away in a more positive mindset.
    I am honoured to be a part of it all.

    About Nike Lawal

    Nike’s mission: to inspire people to move beyond just surviving to thriving: by making high quality coaching accessible!

    Nike Lawal is an Accredited Master Coach and Qualified Therapist, who combines significant leadership experience in a range of business sectors, and over 10 years in private practice as a coach, therapist, consultant and trainer.

    Nike is passionate about supporting clients to be at their best in all areas of their lives: both personal, and professional.

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